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Weekly Devotional from September 21, 2022

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Why Genesis?
Week 37

Creation - Biblical Doctrine
Continuing our look at "fiat" (decree) components we see:
  1. Creation was followed by processes of conservation. (Genesis 7:19)
  2. The earth is relatively young and perhaps less than 10,000 years old.
  3. There is a net decrease in complexity in the created order as time advances.
  4. Geologic history is marked by post creation global catastrophism. The Bible indicates a worldwide flood, which created atmospheric, topographical, and geological upheaval (Genesis 6-8). It involved waters in the sky descending in torrents, waters on and under the earth rising to cover the entire earth up to the heights of the highest mountains on earth, and a breaking apart of land.
As Biblical Christians these components are valuable in our understanding and in our walk of faith in the all-powerful Creator.
He is indeed Awesome!
From my heart to yours,
Sandra J. Mikler Davis for
Women in Discipleship, inc.


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