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Discipleship Materials


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Discipleship Materials

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A Womanís Pathway to Holiness - 8 week study

This study covers the basic topics of Saving Faith, Prayer, Bible Study, Devotion, Worship, Community, Accountability and more.

Suggested Donation - $10 **


A Woman of Worth - 9 lessons

This course looks at the Christian woman and the worldly woman in light of Scripture and todayís culture. Discussion is encouraged and applications for living are taught.

Suggested Donation - $10 **


1 John Study - 7 weeks

This overview will guide you in a 9 step study of the book of 1 John. Examining this book verse by verse will help you gain amazing truths and life applications that the Apostle John desired to share with his church.

Suggested Donation - $10 **


Women of Faith - 7 weeks - Blessedness of Barrenness

                                     7 weeks - Blessedness of Boldness

                                     7 weeks - Blessedness of Believing

Each of these 7-week studies focuses on women of the Bible who demonstrated amazing lessons of faith in their lives. These women help us stand strong in whatever circumstances we are in. Each lesson offers practical applications for daily living. Choose one study or all three. They can be sold separately or together.

Suggested Donation - $10 ** (each)


To Bear His Name - 8 weeks - Names of Jehovah

                                         8 weeks - Names of Jesus

                                         8 weeks - Names of the Holy Spirit

                                         8 weeks - Names of God, Lord, LORD

These in depth lessons reveal the wonder and joy of our Holy God through His different names. Each lesson opens up opportunities for you to embrace God in a very personal way. This intimate study will enhance your love and appreciation of God and renew the joy of your salvation. These studies can be ordered together or individually.

Suggested Donation -$10 ** (each)


The House That God Builds - 15 weeks

Have you ever built a house? It takes planning and precision. In this study you will construct a spiritual house with all the ingredients the Lord gives to live a life of devotion and service. Once the house is built, the prayer closet will encourage you daily in your walk with the Lord.

Suggested Donation - $10 **


The Word of God from Aleph to Tav - 5 weeks

Have you ever wondered why Psalm 119 was so long? As you look at this amazing Psalm you will see a love for Godís Word like none other. Consider this study an adventure in Bible exploration from a Hebrew who embraced the sacred Scripture like every Christian should. Itís an eye opener and worth the effort.

Suggested Donation - $10 **


And God Why? The Book of Habakkuk - 12 lessons

Have you ever wondered why 9/11 occurred? For 6 months before that event, this study was being written. It was the week before the 9/11 tragedy that this study began to be taught. Just like Habakkuk, though the world may be in travail yet ďI will rejoice in the LORD, I will joy in the God of my salvation.Ē Habakkuk 3:18. If you have asked that question for one reason or another then this study may be for you.

Suggested Donation - $10 **


The Soundness of Christian Doctrine 1 and 2 Timothy - 12 weeks

Do you know what you believe? Have you read your church's Statement of Faith? This study teaches the soundness of the true Scripture. Guidelines for Christian leadership are also taught from the pages of Scripture.

Suggested Donation - $10 **


The Covenants of Scripture (Keeping Promises) - 15 weeks

This study covers the five most significant covenants in the Bible. It explores the wonder of God in His amazing plan for salvation for everyone who will believe in Jesus Christ as Savior and Son of God. The Old and New Covenants are looked at in depth, and the golden thread of Jesus Christ through all of Scripture gives a perfect picture of Godís amazing grace.

Suggested Donation - $10 **


Ephesians - 12 weeks
This study of Paul's letter to the church at Ephesus helps you discover the depths of God's amazing grace.
Suggested Donation - $10 **


Walk of Grace - 9 weeks
In life it's the little things that make the biggest difference. This study takes you through the basic Christian characteristics of rejoicing, prayer, and giving thanks. Learning to develop these qualities will enhance your walk of grace with the Lord.
Suggested Donation - $10 **



All studies are bound in a 8.5 x 11 notebook.


** Please download, print and fill out a blank Purchase Order document in order to purchase any materials on this page. Click here to get the file.

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